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Happy Tails of Adoption

Here are a few adoption stories and comments as shared on our BBMHR Facebook Page!


BBMHRescue Cat Adopted Happy TailsTwo Tabby Kittens Adopted in Forever Home!We adopted two of the sweetest kitties yesterday and we love them so much!

Baby Bobby's Meow House Rescue is awesome and they take such great care of all their animals.

Please think of them when your looking to add a fur baby to your family, there are so many cats and dogs that need good, loving homes.

- Ashley G.

Gray rescue cat sitting in bird bath in balcony garden

Stone, my precious kitty cat, adopted from Baby Bobby's Meow House. He is hanging out in the bird bath on our balcony.

-Kristine R.

Sleeping toddler and rescue kitten taking nap togetherWe adopted Clayton (aka Cheeto) from Baby Bobby's and ended up finding a best friend for our son.

They take their nap together on the couch every day.

-Kelsey P.

Adopted rescue cat happy in new homeValarie was amazing and personable!

And we love our little Rudy (now called Maximus)!

-Breona M.

Happy adopted gray and white rescue cat in homeThank you Valarie for letting us adopt Dinah.

The kids renamed her Joey.

 She's just perfect!

-Lisa R.

Welcome home Thomas! Thanks Valarie for all you do for this little babies while they wait for their new "forever homes".

-Kimi S.

Fuzzy gray kitten with pink cat toyWe have recently adopted Fuzz Butt. He has adapted quickly and even made a new kitty friend. He has made a great addition to our family!!

-Natalie H.


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