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Fostering a cat or kitten until a permanent home can be found helps to save feline lives (photo).

Fostering Cats and Kittens



Welcome to Baby Bobby's Meow House & Rescue Foster Program!


We are so grateful that you want to help save lives by fostering. We rely on volunteers to open their homes to foster cats and kittens until they are adopted. Our cat rescue does not have a facility. Unlike many other programs, BBMHR provides medical care, food, and litter to help with caring for your foster felines. There are many more people who contact our cat rescue to surrender cats and kittens than we can accept due to a lack of volunteers for foster homes.

If you are interested in being a foster, please copy and paste the questionnaire below with your answers into an email to us at


In order to be considered as a foster you must:


- Be 21 years of age or older. 


- Be able and willing to spend time every day to provide love, comfort, socialization, medical treatment if needed, and proper care of your 

  foster pet. All medical treatment will be paid for by BBMHR under our direction and supervision. 


- Follow our direction as to how to introduce your foster pet to your home. 


- Keep the cats in an indoor space that is safe, secure, and reasonably temperature controlled.


- Keep us updated about your foster pet’s progress and email us photos we can use to help us find an adopter. 


- Bring your foster pet to our weekend adoption events when possible and network him/her to your friends and family. 


- Alert us immediately if your foster pet has symptoms of being sick and follow our direction regarding medical care. 


- Be willing to have a BBMHR volunteer visit your home.



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First Name *                                                      Last Name *

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Street Address *                                                City *  

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Phone *                                                              Email *  

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Please list all current pets and any illnesses:* 





What animal(s) are you interested in fostering?*

_____ Bottle baby kittens (0 - 4 weeks)

_____ Weaned kittens (4 - 7 weeks or older)

_____ Mother cats and their kittens

_____ Adult cats


By signing this application (or submitting my typed name electronically below), I understand that I am handling animals at my own risk. I hereby waive and release BBMHR, Board Members, and Volunteers from any and all liability for any injury or loss sustained from handling any animals. I understand that if I adopt a pet from BBMHR, this questionnaire will become part of the adoption record.


Signature:                                                                    Date:

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Once we receive your application, a volunteer will review it and get back to you to discuss fostering opportunities.


                                            THANK YOU FOR OFFERING TO FOSTER FOR BBMHR!



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