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Our Mission

The mission of Baby Bobby's Meow House and Rescue, Inc. is to rescue and adopt out treatable felines in the greater Temecula area in Riverside County, CA.

We hold regular adoption events at PetSmart located at 32413 Temecula Parkway, Temecula, CA 92592.


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Who was Baby Bobby?

Baby Bobby was the last surviving kitten in his litter.  A father callously took the small kittens from Baby Bobby’s litter and threw them against the wall.  He did this over and over until the battered baby kittens suffered traumatic injuries and died.  Baby Bobby was about to have the same fate as his siblings when the son decided to save Baby Bobby and ran down the street to a neighbor’s house with the tiny injured kitten.

Baby Bobby lost one of his legs and lived only for two years as a result of his brain injuries.  He was well loved by Valarie Martinez after his rescue.  Valarie was inspired to pay tribute to Baby Bobby by starting a cat rescue in his name.  She was not able to save Baby Bobby and his siblings, but with the feline rescue it is the hope of Valarie and other volunteers to find loving and safe homes for the cats and kittens in the community.



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BBMHRescue is a GuideStar Bronze Level Charity