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Fostering a cat or kitten until a permanent home can be found helps to save feline lives (photo).

Fostering Cats and Kittens


Our cat rescue does not have a facility.  We rely on volunteers to open their homes to foster cats and kittens until they adopted.  Baby Bobby's Meow House and Rescue will provide medical care, food, and other supplies to help with caring for your foster felines.

The cats need to be kept in an indoor space that is safe, secure, and reasonably temperature controlled.  As a foster you will provide updates about the cats and bring them to adoption events, as needed.  By fostering, you help to rescue feline lives.  There are many more people who contact our cat rescue to surrender cats and kittens than we can accept due to a lack of volunteers for foster homes.

  1. First & Last Name:
  2. Address:
  3. Phone Number(s):
  4. Best time(s) and day(s) for contacting:
  5. Age & Occupation:
  6. What kind of a building (apartment/condo/house) is your home? Do your rent or own?
  7. Have you verified if your HOA or landlord allows cats in your home?
  8. If you live in an apartment or condo are there any specific restrictions on pets (quantity) or no restrictions?
  9. If you rent, please enter your landlord's name and contact information:
  10. How many adults & children (note ages of children) reside in your household?  Are any of them roommates?
  11. Does anyone in your home have an allergy to cats?
  12. Would you object to an inspection of your home by our cat rescue?
  13. Do you or anyone in your household currently have any other pets living there?
  14. If yes to other pets, please list species type (cat/ dog), ages, where they reside (inside/outside home), and how long you had each pet?
  15. If yes to other pets, please note whether the pets are current on vaccinations and any illnesses?
  16. If your household has other cats living there, have they been tested for feline leukemia and FIV?
  17. Why are you interested in fostering?
  18. Have you ever fostered an animal before now and if so, please note organization?
  19. Do all members of your household want to foster animals?
  20. Who will be responsible for the care and feeding of the animal(s)?
  21. Will you be willing to bring the animal(s) to adoption events or the veterinarian?
  22. Will the animal be left alone in the home during the day and if so how long?
  23. Where will the animal(s) be kept while it is alone?
  24. Where will you keep the animal(s) when you are home?
  25. What hours/ time each day will the cat(s) or kitten(s) human have access to human companionship?
  26. Are you willing to provide at least weekly updates on the animal(s)?  Would you be willing to speak with potential adopters about the animal(s) who want to know about its personality and behavior?
  27. Will you accept adult cats, kittens, or both?
  28. Please list at least two referrals (preferably not family members).  Please note name, relationship to you (friend/ coworker), and their phone contact information.
  29. How did you find out about Baby Bobby's Meow House & Rescue?

Thank you for your interest in fostering animals for Baby Bobby's Meow House and Rescue.  Once we receive your application, a volunteer will review it and get back to you to discuss fostering opportunities.


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BBMHRescue is a GuideStar Bronze Level Charity